Monday, November 21, 2011

First track off Paralytic Stalks

Many thanks to Elias for sharing this track that was sent to him earlier today :

Wintered Debts

Here's what he had to say about it : "I received this song in the mail today, along with other promotional material for the new album. No release date is confirmed, however, Thayer Sarrano appears in none of the photographs for the album and combined with her absence from recent shows, it appears she has left the band. I'm really sad to see her go, she was extremely talented, very fun to talk to, and above all, gorgeous!"
As for me, and after a dozen listens, I can only say that I am very impressed with the song, which starts off in some alt-folk vein before switching to something a lot more orchestral and yet raw and somewhat subdued - gone are the shiny arrangements, gone is the *gasp* funk... All in all, it's kind of taking your favorite parts from your favorite of Montreal songs (from the beginning, there are nods to The Gay Parade there, to the latest offerings, there are bits of Casualty of You), and glueing them all together to create something that's even better than you could have envisioned. Now of course it's going to make fist-pumping and singing along a lot harder... Tell us what you think about it!

EDIT : to all the real journalists who work for real blogs and music papers, the cover letter that was sent with the track does state that the song will be on Paralytic Stalks. Apparently it is track #7.