Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Famine Affair Remix contest

The vote is now open, and oh my oh my, there are about one hundred contestants fighting for your attention. I have to admit I got tired after listening to about 10 of them (good thing some of you had already submitted your entries at the Townhall or shared them with me already!)
Anyway, it looks like "our own" Lucy Is A Banana got a little bit of a headstart with her classic dance-floor remix, so good luck to her!
Since a lot of good people I happen to know are entering, I'm going to shamelessly promote them and help you weed out the others (what? I don't know you? that's because you suck!) :

Here's the Booty Patrol shortlist :
Contact me with the link to your remix if you want a bit of free publicity!

New addition : Karl's Stand By Me / Famine Affair mash-up,

The vote will be closed on December 13th, so there's plenty of time to decide. Choose wisely, my friends, because I am not sure if you can vote several times.
Explore, listen and cast your ballot here!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

of Montreal in Os Mutantes Land

After being announced at Planeta Terra Festival last year (but that fell through, or never was on the cards to begin with), the band finally made it to Brazil. Now here's a country on the way up : Dilma Rousseff taking over Lula (wow, two socialist presidents in a row!), the World Cup in 4 years, and a festival that would make some well-established European ones blush.

If pictures are anything to go by, it looks like soundcheck went well yesterday. Click on the picture below to check out all the others (beware, they got band members' names wrong!)


(picture from the festival's website - (c) Ricardo Matsukawa)

As you can see - because you have an eye for details, I know you all do! - Dottie seems to have what used to be Thayer's Nord on her stand now, so does this mean the fantastic False Priest line-up is already dead? We will soon have the answer*, as the band's performance will be webcast live on the festival's site. And in HD! Thanks Vardamir for the heads-up! Right now all I can tell you is to head over there, and wait, because I don't see a link to a webcast or anything like that. But then I don't speak Portuguese (well, apart from a couple of insults), so that could be the problem. Well at least I can curse at the screen.

EDIT : The show will be webcast on this page.
(thanks Don for clearing this up, even though it doesn't seem to work right now)

EDIT Nov 21th : alright, so the streaming didn't work so well, but the whole show is now online! Now I can't watch it because apparently there is no Franco-Brazilian agreement on copyrights, but it may work in other countries. See what you can do with this link! And if some of you are little ripping geniuses, now would be the right time to step up and share for those of us living under cultural embargo.

In case you've missed it earlier this week, you may want to take a look at Dottie's musings on food and restaurants. Dottie seems pretty food-adventurous, so now I have to wonder if she ever tried pigeons, horses, whole ortolans (bones and all), snails and frogs in France, hopefully not at the same time. (yes, I know, "ewwww, gross"...)


* Thomas R. (who as fas as I know was the only one able to watch the webcast) reports that Thayer was there, and so was everyone else.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dallas, Tx bootleg available!

You have to admit that success is a weird thing. It is fair to say that of Montreal has never been that popular and succesful, and yet our taper friends have suddenly turned their backs on them. Case in point, the Ninjas Prove It tour provided us with no less than 8 recordings, but this time we've only had the NPR stream and not-quite-up-to-scratch Urbana one. So let us be thankful for Dave aka Time Was A Joke for his recording of the Dallas show. The setlist that night was quite stellar (You Do Mutilate? Plastis Wafer, Oslo In The Summertime, The Past Is A Grotesque Animal, but also every "hit" off Hissing Fauna), even though I'm sure quite a few fans must have been puzzled by the lack of covers.
Go grab the mp3s there!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Famine Affair video

We were waiting for a Sex Karma video featuring Nina and a snake, but we're actually getting a Famine Affair video featuring Nina... and a lot of slow motion. A rather claustrophobic in camera scenario, the very beautifully shot and cinematographic video seems to be heavily influenced by the French new wave (but maybe that's just me, because I see French influences where they are not?) and it features an (as yet) unknown male actor* surrounded by dozens of females in what seems to be a total dystopia.

Watch it there and see what Kevin and Spin have to say about it.

* It only took the Booty Patrol a few hours to figure out that this is Josh McKay from the 2010 Flagpole Music Award Winning band Abandon The Earth Mission. I knew I could count on you people!

EDIT : Our Riotous Defects is NPR's Song of the Day!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

EQ Magazine + LA Times

As the full-blown False Priest tour winds to its end, of Montreal is still getting a fair amount of press. Most notable interviews/articles this week :

  • The LA Times : A pretty insightful interview with Kevin. Topics include previous live shows, Matt Chamberlain vs. drum machine, soul music, and talking to your daughter when she's not within ear-range (apparently).
  • EQ Magazine : if you are the kind of person who gets turned on by twiddling little knobs, this is the one article you want to read. I know a lot of you have asked about all the technical details, and how Kevin records and what he's been using, and this is where you will find the answers. I, for one, had trouble making it past the second paragraph but I still tried to browse the article just to see if it would put an end to the Townhall's autotune debate, but apparently not. What is the effect we're hearing on Like A Tourist? We're none the wiser.
  • Tammies : In this one, Davey gets to share his view of the band. As previously hinted at in the NME video from a while ago, not only is he a kick-ass bass player, a fascinating showman and a blossoming songwriter, he also is responsible for most of the props on this tour. High Five!