Saturday, November 20, 2010

of Montreal in Os Mutantes Land

After being announced at Planeta Terra Festival last year (but that fell through, or never was on the cards to begin with), the band finally made it to Brazil. Now here's a country on the way up : Dilma Rousseff taking over Lula (wow, two socialist presidents in a row!), the World Cup in 4 years, and a festival that would make some well-established European ones blush.

If pictures are anything to go by, it looks like soundcheck went well yesterday. Click on the picture below to check out all the others (beware, they got band members' names wrong!)


(picture from the festival's website - (c) Ricardo Matsukawa)

As you can see - because you have an eye for details, I know you all do! - Dottie seems to have what used to be Thayer's Nord on her stand now, so does this mean the fantastic False Priest line-up is already dead? We will soon have the answer*, as the band's performance will be webcast live on the festival's site. And in HD! Thanks Vardamir for the heads-up! Right now all I can tell you is to head over there, and wait, because I don't see a link to a webcast or anything like that. But then I don't speak Portuguese (well, apart from a couple of insults), so that could be the problem. Well at least I can curse at the screen.

EDIT : The show will be webcast on this page.
(thanks Don for clearing this up, even though it doesn't seem to work right now)

EDIT Nov 21th : alright, so the streaming didn't work so well, but the whole show is now online! Now I can't watch it because apparently there is no Franco-Brazilian agreement on copyrights, but it may work in other countries. See what you can do with this link! And if some of you are little ripping geniuses, now would be the right time to step up and share for those of us living under cultural embargo.

In case you've missed it earlier this week, you may want to take a look at Dottie's musings on food and restaurants. Dottie seems pretty food-adventurous, so now I have to wonder if she ever tried pigeons, horses, whole ortolans (bones and all), snails and frogs in France, hopefully not at the same time. (yes, I know, "ewwww, gross"...)


* Thomas R. (who as fas as I know was the only one able to watch the webcast) reports that Thayer was there, and so was everyone else.

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