Tuesday, November 2, 2010

EQ Magazine + LA Times

As the full-blown False Priest tour winds to its end, of Montreal is still getting a fair amount of press. Most notable interviews/articles this week :

  • The LA Times : A pretty insightful interview with Kevin. Topics include previous live shows, Matt Chamberlain vs. drum machine, soul music, and talking to your daughter when she's not within ear-range (apparently).
  • EQ Magazine : if you are the kind of person who gets turned on by twiddling little knobs, this is the one article you want to read. I know a lot of you have asked about all the technical details, and how Kevin records and what he's been using, and this is where you will find the answers. I, for one, had trouble making it past the second paragraph but I still tried to browse the article just to see if it would put an end to the Townhall's autotune debate, but apparently not. What is the effect we're hearing on Like A Tourist? We're none the wiser.
  • Tammies : In this one, Davey gets to share his view of the band. As previously hinted at in the NME video from a while ago, not only is he a kick-ass bass player, a fascinating showman and a blossoming songwriter, he also is responsible for most of the props on this tour. High Five!

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