Monday, March 30, 2009

TBP site news

Hey Kiddies!
After years of website maintenance, I, Daniella (aka, QuixoticGoat) hereby turn the Booty Patrol into the capable hands of one I Rule The School. She's totally turned this place around and made it prettier and easier to navigate. Thanks for reading what FP and I started and what Christine will continue to rock the eff out of. Adios!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sidney Show Video

I am unashamedly ripping of of Montreal's official blog this time, but this is too good to pass up.
Australia has its own version of Fabchannel (well, not exactly, since they don't stream videos live, and we really hope they don't meet the same fate) and they filmed the Manning Bar show in its entirety. You can watch it here, or straight from the Moshcam website.

If the show sounds very familiar to you, don't think this is some kind of weird aural déjà-vu, it is just that we got a hold of the recording some two weeks ago. For those who missed it, or those who are trying to figure out a way to rip mp3s off the video, stop wasting your time and download it straight from Morris Coffey's blog. Morris will apparently be attending a couple of shows in the US next month, and we here at the Booty Patrol urge him to take his recording gear with him.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New interview (2009-01-29 - Manchester)

My oh my, these interviews get weirder by the minute... Apparently of Montreal now belongs to the category of bands people have come to expect witty answers from, no matter the questions thrown their way is...
So check out this video, and learn about
(a) the different types of tomato sauce,
(b) who, between a lion and a shark, would win if they ever got to fight on the moon (and why),
(c) Kevin's grandfather's hunting habits (and things you always wanted to know about the South but never dared to ask) and
(d) why squirrels are akin to fish.
Oh, and also, Kevin and Bryan are apparently very confused about the differences between being vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian, and Kevin can't pronounce "Yorkshire" right (which send that annoying Mancunian college girl turned interviewer into squeaking mode). Oh well. At least there's no question about the name of the band, and no sign of Georgie Fruit either.

Thanks to spirichwlpasta over at the Townhall for the link.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2009-03-05 - Melbourne (Hi-Fi Bar) recording

Thanks to Crimpies for bringing to our attention that another bootleg was available at dimeadozen. If you have an account and are one of those flac fanatics, you can download the torrent here.
For the rest of us, the lovely Dwarfbeat over at the Townhall converted the files into nifty mp3s... You can download them by clicking on the rather fantastic picture of Davey & BP below.

(picture taken by Jillian Wong on March 16th in Singapore)

BP & Jamey also did an interview for Beat TV while in Melbourne - I have to warn you though, the editing kind of turns it into a series of non-sequiturs, and the interviewer clearly isn't on top of his game, but hey, who am I to judge...
Check it out if you want to learn how to describe of Montreal's sound in two words, or what was the worst thing that ever happened at an of Montreal show (and it's not what you think it is).

Thanks to Illuminated at the Townhall.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Festival Season

As the glitter gently settles down on Asian stages, and with yet another U.S. tour to look forward to, we, of Montreal fans of the world ("unite and take over!"), can start booking flights and hostels for the summer holidays (or repair the tent and give the car the tune-up it deserves).
In case you are not paying attention to our updated tour dates section, here's a recap!

Confirmed so far :
May 23-25 — George, WA — Sasquatch Festival 2009
June 11-14 — Manchester, TN — Bonnaroo 2009
July 10 — An Nàs, IRELAND — Oxegen Festival
July 12 — Glasgow, SCOTLAND — T In The Park
July 14 — London, ENGLAND — Shepherds Bush Empire (not a festival)
July 15 - Lyon, FRANCE - Les Nuits de Fourvière (with TV ON THE RADIO!)
July 24 — Oakland, CA — Fox Theater (not a festival)
July 26 — Hollywood, CA — Hollywood Bowl (KCRW's World Music Festival)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Asian Setlist

Oh, how dedicated we here at the Booty Patrol are to fulfill all your oM dreams...
"Anonymous" asked for the 2009/03/16 Singapore setlist, and guess what - we got a hold of one - and even better, we even got two, thanks to of Montreal fan Wanqi Tan. Tan also explained that the setlist were not 100% accurate, as the band didn't play American Girl but Oslo In The Summertime (wise choice) and played the Ramones' Judy As A Punk.

(P.S. For personal requests, use the "contact" button at the bottom of the page - we do our best to answer every query)

2009/03/15 - 7:30p.m.

Mutants / Bunny / Bloody Shadow / Gronlandic / Sink - Cato / Take Me Out / Requiem / Nubile Miscreants / Elegant Caste / An Eluardian Instance / She's A Rejecter / Heimdalsgate / October Is Eternal / Id Engager
encore : Kongsvinger.

March 16th :


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Videos from Singapore

of Montreal's 4-week-long tour of Oceania and Asia is coming to an end, and the band has spent the last 3 days in Singapore, where they will play two shows tomorrow.
Yesterday they played a small acoustic set at the Esplanade Library and some of it has been committed to tape. And by that I mean SD card.

The first video is a (rather hilarious) improvised cover of a traditional Malay song with improbable lyrics, and the second is an acoustic version of The Party's Crashing Us, which, as far as I know is the first time they play it this way. And they somehow pull it off.

Thanks to Illuminated at the Townhall for sharing these with us. And thanks to new Townhaller Ikinai who captured these moments in the first place.

Now that you've all had a good laugh, try and sing along!!!

Dimana dia anak kambing saya? Anak kambing saya yang makan daun talas
Dimana dia buah hati saya? Buah hati saya bagai telur dikupas

Oh-oh-oh Chan mali chan, (Hoi! Hoi!) chan mali chan, (Hoi! Hoi!) chan mali chan, ketipung payung
Oh-oh-oh Chan mali chan, (Hoi! Hoi!) chan mali chan, (Hoi! Hoi!) chan mali chan, ketipung payung

Download the 4 songs the band performed during this acoustic session in mp3 format here.

Singapore's online magazine Youth posted an interview with the band.

Monday, March 9, 2009

"New" old concert video

Re-Introducing of Montreal live from Austin!!!

A big, warm, heartfelt thank you to Max for re-uploading the 45 minute long video of of Montreal's May 13th, 2004 set. It's got great long-forgotten songs (and band members), skits, juggling, weird haircuts, instrument-swapping, costumes changes - in short, everything you would expect, only better.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Australian Bootleg Alert

19-year-old Australian fan Pancakes For Dinner recorded last night's performance at the Manning Bar, Sydney. To be honest, I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but there's no reason why this shouldn't be top-notch, right? So one round of applause for our almost anonymous contributor!
(EDIT : credit should actually go to Morris Coffey. Hats off, mate, and keep up the good work!)

Perth 1 'antzpantz'

A big thank you to AntzPantz for letting us use his picture. Be sure to check his entire gallery. He also wrote a review of the show in Perth and dubbed it "the best indie show of the festival." So that can't be bad.