Thursday, March 26, 2009

New interview (2009-01-29 - Manchester)

My oh my, these interviews get weirder by the minute... Apparently of Montreal now belongs to the category of bands people have come to expect witty answers from, no matter the questions thrown their way is...
So check out this video, and learn about
(a) the different types of tomato sauce,
(b) who, between a lion and a shark, would win if they ever got to fight on the moon (and why),
(c) Kevin's grandfather's hunting habits (and things you always wanted to know about the South but never dared to ask) and
(d) why squirrels are akin to fish.
Oh, and also, Kevin and Bryan are apparently very confused about the differences between being vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian, and Kevin can't pronounce "Yorkshire" right (which send that annoying Mancunian college girl turned interviewer into squeaking mode). Oh well. At least there's no question about the name of the band, and no sign of Georgie Fruit either.

Thanks to spirichwlpasta over at the Townhall for the link.

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