Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Do You Have Any Rare of Montreal Covers?

If you haven't seen the thread at the Townhall, Matt from You Ain't No Picasso is undertaking an ambitious project to assemble all of the covers of Montreal have performed. If you have any old recordings of any covers, even so-so quality, now's the time to dig them out! Check the Townhall thread for more info.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Video from January '03

From fp:
I got to see of Montreal's first show outside the U.S., in London 2003, just happened to move there right beforehand. I had a crappy little digital camera that recorded video and Dottie said of course I could record, would I send them a copy? And I said sure, but then I saw the footage. I had tried to calculate how shitty to make the video to make it all fit onto a memory stick, and it's an understatement to say it didn't turn out great, which is part of why I never sent it, the other being I am a total piece of shit when it comes to procrastination, but really it's not that great, so don't expect much, but it is a noteworthy show, and it's five years old this month.

(I used Vimeo only beacause BP publicly advocated it and QG has been doing the same for a while, but really, the increase in quality doesn't do this pixelated video any good.)

The setlist is:

2003-01-08 Water Rats, London

Don't Ask Me To Explain
Doing Nothing
Pancakes For One
On The Drive Home
One of A Very Few of A Kind
Jennifer Louise
You Are An Airplane
Old People In The Cemetery
If I Falter Slightly Twice
Brown Sugar
Death Dance oFOASFY (short edit)

Friday, January 11, 2008

"Feminine Effects" Studio Version, More Video

Pitchfork is reporting on a new 2-CD 1DVD compilation called The Green Owl Comp: A Benefit for the Energy Action Coalition, which will feature of Montreal's "Feminine Effects". This song has only appeared live so far, so this version will be new to all of us. LINK

Also, if you haven't checked in at the official of Montreal blog, the band themselves were kind enough to set up their own video channel at Vimeo, check it out.