Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Video from January '03

From fp:
I got to see of Montreal's first show outside the U.S., in London 2003, just happened to move there right beforehand. I had a crappy little digital camera that recorded video and Dottie said of course I could record, would I send them a copy? And I said sure, but then I saw the footage. I had tried to calculate how shitty to make the video to make it all fit onto a memory stick, and it's an understatement to say it didn't turn out great, which is part of why I never sent it, the other being I am a total piece of shit when it comes to procrastination, but really it's not that great, so don't expect much, but it is a noteworthy show, and it's five years old this month.


(I used Vimeo only beacause BP publicly advocated it and QG has been doing the same for a while, but really, the increase in quality doesn't do this pixelated video any good.)

The setlist is:

2003-01-08 Water Rats, London

Don't Ask Me To Explain
Doing Nothing
Pancakes For One
On The Drive Home
One of A Very Few of A Kind
Jennifer Louise
You Are An Airplane
Old People In The Cemetery
If I Falter Slightly Twice
Brown Sugar
Death Dance oFOASFY (short edit)

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