Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Get ready for two new songs and an outtakes LP in the fall

In an interview with, Kevin has shed some light on what's next for the band : he has two songs (almost) ready for release, and an LP of songs that didn't make the cut should be released as soon as Spetember. The great news is that it's not only outtakes from Paralytic Stalks, but it could go as far as Hissing Fauna. Fingers crossed for Georgie's Lament!

of Montreal @ Niceto Club, Argentina

of Montreal on stage at the Niceto Club, Argentina - picture by Nadia Guzmàn

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June tour interview roundup

Four interviews recently showed up on my radar :

1. Just when you thought Soundcloud couldn't get any better, it manages to surprise you with a 15-minute long interview you had never heard before. Check it out here.

2. The Oakland Press published a really short interview that you can read here, but be warned that it will change your perception of of Montreal's performance crew.

3. Spinner interviewed Kevin after the of Montreal show in Toronto. This one actually has one very interesting piece of news about upcoming releases... though who knows if that is just a thought or if we will actually see that happen (what? Head over to Spinner to see what I'm talking about, he he he.)

4. Brazilian website FFW also interviewed Kevin this week but nothing new was revealed. They also reviewed the show but I don't speak Portuguese (save for the insults) so who knows what they thought of it.

Kevin on stage at the Crofoot, Pontiac Mi - picture by Jackleen Diana Eve