Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Song

When The Booty Patrol's special reporter in NYC sent me her report from of Montreal's Columbia University show last weekend, she did mention (among other things I'm sitting on right now) that she thought they had played a couple of new songs... How new? Coquet Coquet new, or really never heard of? Well, very very new apparently, as Matt (aka ThatKid, aka You Ain't No Picasso) just posted a video of an as-yet-unheard song, that he decided to call "Ghetto World" (his title, not Kevin's). Check it out (if only those Ivy Leaguers could have kept quiet for two fucking minutes - is that too much to ask?)!

If you are not following our Twitter or Facebook page, you may have missed out on yet another great Picasso move, since it's his picture which illustrates Rolling Stones article about "indie turning into hi-fi" or whatever (they obviously have never heard of, say, The Happy Mondays' "Yes Please!", which was, at the time it was released, indie rock's most expensive record - so expensive it led to the demise of Factory Records - but I'm getting sidetracked). Thanks Kenneth for the scan!

In other random news, it has been confirmed that the band is making a guest appearance on Janelle Monae's upcoming album (The Archandroid, out May 18th - but you can pre-order it right now). Thanks to Elias at the Townhall for sharing.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Band of Ballers 2010

of Montreal will make a very special appearance in Atlanta on May 1st. As you may know (but most likely not), Converse has been hosting a special streetball tournament for musicians for a couple of years, and of Montreal is one of the many bands/DJs/crews on the list this year.

As you can see in the video below, they mean business. I'm quite concerned that no-one on the team is over 6ft, but I'm sure the costumes (or lack of - uh, Jamey?) and the glitter makeup will give them that special edge (though I wouldn't put it past the Black Lips to puke on their opponents, and who can top that)

Here is the official poster for this special event :

The rules seem simple enough : 3 on 3 (who's going to sit it out, uh?), Bracket style, Half-court, play to 10 and win by 2. Do they have a chance at this? Well it is time for them to prove that all the sports talk and the push-ups were not just for show.
If you can't afford a ticket, the Smoking Session is giving away 5, so head over there to enter the competition and show TeoM (that would be Team of Montreal) some love on May 1st.

Time for Kevin to deliver his "jumpshot with sparkly nails" and "freak their minds."

Friday, April 2, 2010

A preview of the upcoming Florida dates

Hear what Jamey has to say about the upcoming Florida tour, and Spenser Simrill's documentary, Family Nouveau," which will be shown at the Tallahasse Film Festival on April 5th. I also have it on (very) good authority that fire Zuave will open for oM again in Orlando on April 10th.

And in case you are not following what's happening on twitter via the twitter box (on your left), there has been a few good articles lately : the first one was Booty Patroller Joann J.'s musings on the band, and the second good find was a review of Jon Brion's March 26th show, during which he and Kevin covered the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" and John Lennon's "Mother".