Friday, September 19, 2008

of Montreal To Appear On New Charity Album

Oh, Pitchfork, how could we ever quit you? They're reporting on a new compilation to be found at Urban Outfitters on October 15 whose proceeds will go to charity. of Montreal will be contributing their cover of Parvati Khan/M.I.A.'s "Jimmy". Details at Pitchfork

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Skeletal Lamping Delayed, Remixes Coming, One Already Here

Pitchfork is reporting yet another Id Engager release, this one a 12" on Mad Decent, as well as upcoming remixes by DJ Sega and Jon Brion. Forkcast currently has an mp3 up for the Mad Decent remix of Id Engager:

And there's also news that of Montreal is pushing back the release date of Skeletal Lamping just a bit, head over to Pitchfork for more details on that and the new 12".

A Treasure Trove of New of Montreal Bootlegs @ E6live

Thank you Graham! Graham has uploaded a buttload o' boots to, the giant archive run by our favorite E6 historian lou2ser (Chris). The links aren't navigatable form the main page right now, but go to the of Montreal download page for a collection of live recordings that may be virtually everything known to have been recorded live by the band (or at least in circulation amongst fans). We bow to both master completists responsible for sharing all of this goodness with the rest of the world, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brush Brush Brush

Oh. My. Goodness. In case you missed it at the Townhall, of Montreal has delivered a little nugget of clean-toothed pop perfection for the upcoming season of Yo Gabba Gabba:

The video appears to have been taken down, but Butterscotching from the Townhall was heads up enough to grab the mp3:

Thanks Butterscotching!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Thanks, P-noch, for starting the thread at the Townhall called "Ask Ahmed", where new of Montreal member/drummer Ahmed Gallab (AKA Sinkane) is being more than gracious with his time, answering questions about everything from his musical background to the importance of pizza to his preferred deodorant. He's also talked about the upcoming tour - not only performing with of Montreal as the newest part of the lineup, but opening for them (as Sinkane) for a few shows. And the lineup he's put together for these Sinkane shows looks awfully familiar. He wrote:

the sinkane band that will be opening for of montreal is: me: guitar/vox james husband: drums davey pierce: bass/drums the late B.P. Helium: guitar/bass evan richards: keys/baritone guitar we will be performing "Color Voice" in its entirety.

...btw, "Color Voice" is his full-length debut, came out just a few months ago, so it's been quite a year for Ahmed: not just his first LP but part ofCaribous's and of Montreal's touring bands.

Buy "Color Voice" at Insound. Ahmed has expressed an enthusiastic willingness to hang out after the shows on the upcoming Skeletal Lamping tour, so it'd probably be good for conversation if you've bought his album ;-)

Thanks to casserole for the above pic of Ahmed at Columbus, Ohio's "Alive Bands To Watch 2008" from January of this year. Gotta say, that's pretty epic for Ahmed - going from college radio station nerd to what he's accomplished so far this year. Kudos, and we reeeeally are looking forward to hear how great your addition to the of Montreal lineup will be.

Be sure not to miss Ahmed's blog, which has lots of free great things to download (concert, albums, singles)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fiery Furnaces To Open For of Montreal !!! Goodies Below

So who couldn't be more excited about the upcoming Skeletal Lamping tour? Us! All of us, we hope, especially those who live in or around Florida, as BP has dropped on us perhaps one of the happiest surprises so far, in the Townhall thread about Fiery Furnaces:

guess who's opening for us in florida?
but only as a two piece....

:-O The Fiery Furnaces could perhaps be the finest group to ever open for of Montreal. Strong words, we know, and strong music - not always easy to digest, from what we've heard from a couple of you. This is a band like of Montreal that often takes at least a few repeated listens to "get" the song and it's insane structure. And even more than of Montreal, Fiery Furnaces, when performing live, take their recorded songs and stretch them any which way but loose, and this two-piece lineup of brother Matthew and sister Eleanor should prove to be an interesting show.

Starting with this post, we're going to highlight the bands opening up for of Montreal on this tour, to help you "learn" them, too, and maybe appreciate a little more what you're going to see live. And for the special treat of the band including the Fiery Furnaces (oh, please do a communal jam at the end, and extend the siblings duty beyond Florida), we're going to give you a special treat, and hopefully a bit more insight into this mysterious band.

These first two tracks come from the Fiery Furnaces' debut album Gallowsbird's Bark, a much more straight-ahead affair than the rest of their catalog:

And here's one from their most recent release on Thrill Jockey, the ambitious double live album Remember, which takes (varying sound quality) recordings and cuts from various FF shows and lineups and mashes them into the approximation of many of the best moments of a live Fiery Furnaces show:

And here's a special rare treat for you: an incredible quality soundboard/audience matrix bootleg, recorded and mastered by wolfattack (thank you whoever you are), from the Fiery Furnaces last appearance in Austin, October of last year. Here's a couple of samples, and then the entire show for you to download:

Insound has all of the Fiery Furnaces albums
, but always check the individual labels and buy from them when it's possible and cheaper and if you want Blueberry Boat, that is the one album available direct from the band, just click "Store" on the FF site

Wednesday, September 3, 2008