Saturday, September 13, 2008


Thanks, P-noch, for starting the thread at the Townhall called "Ask Ahmed", where new of Montreal member/drummer Ahmed Gallab (AKA Sinkane) is being more than gracious with his time, answering questions about everything from his musical background to the importance of pizza to his preferred deodorant. He's also talked about the upcoming tour - not only performing with of Montreal as the newest part of the lineup, but opening for them (as Sinkane) for a few shows. And the lineup he's put together for these Sinkane shows looks awfully familiar. He wrote:

the sinkane band that will be opening for of montreal is: me: guitar/vox james husband: drums davey pierce: bass/drums the late B.P. Helium: guitar/bass evan richards: keys/baritone guitar we will be performing "Color Voice" in its entirety.

...btw, "Color Voice" is his full-length debut, came out just a few months ago, so it's been quite a year for Ahmed: not just his first LP but part ofCaribous's and of Montreal's touring bands.

Buy "Color Voice" at Insound. Ahmed has expressed an enthusiastic willingness to hang out after the shows on the upcoming Skeletal Lamping tour, so it'd probably be good for conversation if you've bought his album ;-)

Thanks to casserole for the above pic of Ahmed at Columbus, Ohio's "Alive Bands To Watch 2008" from January of this year. Gotta say, that's pretty epic for Ahmed - going from college radio station nerd to what he's accomplished so far this year. Kudos, and we reeeeally are looking forward to hear how great your addition to the of Montreal lineup will be.

Be sure not to miss Ahmed's blog, which has lots of free great things to download (concert, albums, singles)

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