Friday, June 27, 2008

Some New Song Titles

When we heard Matthew from Fluxblog had gotten a hold of some Skeletal Lamping tracks, of course we begged for a listen, but once you let these things out, you never can be sure, so we don't blame him one iota for sticking to his guns. But just to turn the tease up to 11, he let us know he's now gotten a hold of the entire copy of Skeletal Lamping:

"Anyway, I just got the full record today and I can tell you this -- it
looks like Kevin has changed all the song titles!

For example, "Softcore" is now "For Our Elegant Caste", "Paradigm Kisses" is
"Non-Pariel Of Favor", "Exquisite Confessions" is "St. Exquisite's
Confesssions", "Jasmin's Car" is "And I've Seen A Bloody Shadow", "Play With
You" is "Id Engager", and uh, "Mingusings" is still "Mingusings".

- Matthew"

Thanks for the heads-up, Matthew!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Band Member Confirmed

of montreal's tour manager Mike (m.t. on the E6 Townhall) has confirmed Ahmed is joining the group, and also relieves some tension by letting us know Jamey isn't going anywhere. And then he gets our hearts racing even more for Skeletal Lamping:

"Just so you know, Jamey has not left the band. He is still working on his own stuff though which is amazing. If anyones going to Calgary or Rothbury, you will see him there. As far as Ahmed, you will have to wait til the tour in the fall to see what we've been cooking up, its gonna be awesome."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another member added

**this is unconfirmed by any current band members, we will keep you updated!**

donewaiting reports that Ahmed of Sinkane will be joining of Montreal's touring band as a drummer starting this fall.

Ahmed has had a crazy year. His band, Sinkane released their debut album. And then he joined Caribou as the drummer to rescue that tour. Details here.

Now he’s about to join Of Montreal as their drummer. Dude is on a roll.

From Ahmed:

im in columbus for one more week and then i leave to athens, georgia where i will be meeting up with of Montreal. i will be playing drums for them. we’re doing a photoshoot and then ill be going to phoenix for a month to visit my parents before i have to meet up with of Montreal again for rehearsal starting august. tour starts in october and im pretty much going to be with the band for a year or so. i dont know what the specifics are other than their next record ’skeletal lamping’ will be released this fall.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pre-review of Some Skeletal Lamping Songs

Matthew from Fluxblog has gotten hold of a few songs from Skeletal Lamping and given his thoughts on them HERE.

skeletal lamping is done!!!

from the myspace!

i've finished the new album. i've been working on it for over a year. it's mastered and ready to go.

it won't come out till october though. i am very happy with it. i worry that some people are going to misunderstand it. there's nothing i can do about that though, now, it is done. anyways,i didn't create it to give people something to like. i created it because i was compelled to.

it is possible to view this album as one long composition, with lots of different movements, or just as a collection of pop songs. i wanted to make an album that was unpredictable and, at times,startling, yet always hummable and catchy. some of the transitions are intentionally awkward. i did this to keep the listener off guard and to dismantle people's perception of how an album is supposed to be constructed. i am so bored with art that makes sense and "works". i wanted to do somethings that didn't "work". very few things pique our interest while they are working as we expect them to, things are far more interesting when they are not working. shocking people though, just for the sake of it, is so mundane. nothing on Skeletal Lamping was intended to shock. i just feel that,in most contemporary songs, you can basically finish the artist's sentences,musically and lyrically. i wanted to make an album where that was not possible.
i wanted to make a record that could truly surprise a listener. to create something that was, in turns, enraging,joyous,discomforting,playful,lovely,unpleasant,freaky,mesmeric...something that came close to capturing the labyrinthine complexity of this human consciousness.

i spend most of my time in a state of mild confusion and pensiveness. i imagine most people do too. this record is my attempt to bring all of my puzzling,contradicting,disturbing,humorous...fantasies,ruminations and observations to the surface, so that i can better dissect and understand their reason for being in my head. hence the title, Skeletal Lamping. Lamping is the name of a rather dreadful hunting technique where, hunters go into the forest at night,
flood an area in light, then shoot,or capture,the animals as they panic and run from their hiding places.
this album is my attempt at doing this to my proverbial skeletons. i haven't yet decided if i should shoot or just capture them though.