Friday, June 27, 2008

Some New Song Titles

When we heard Matthew from Fluxblog had gotten a hold of some Skeletal Lamping tracks, of course we begged for a listen, but once you let these things out, you never can be sure, so we don't blame him one iota for sticking to his guns. But just to turn the tease up to 11, he let us know he's now gotten a hold of the entire copy of Skeletal Lamping:

"Anyway, I just got the full record today and I can tell you this -- it
looks like Kevin has changed all the song titles!

For example, "Softcore" is now "For Our Elegant Caste", "Paradigm Kisses" is
"Non-Pariel Of Favor", "Exquisite Confessions" is "St. Exquisite's
Confesssions", "Jasmin's Car" is "And I've Seen A Bloody Shadow", "Play With
You" is "Id Engager", and uh, "Mingusings" is still "Mingusings".

- Matthew"

Thanks for the heads-up, Matthew!

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