Saturday, July 16, 2011

KDHX radio session streaming right now

Good news! The band stopped in the KDHX studios for a live session as they were stopping in Saint Louis, Mo earlier this month. There has been a real shortage of alternate versions and live recordings ever since False Priest came out, so this comes as a nice surprise. The band performed Famine Affair, Coquet Coquette and Flunkt Sass vs. The Rute Plume. This is not an acoustic session but a full band recording (that's either a "ahhhhhh" or a "awwwwwww" - you get to choose).

Click on the player below to listen to all three songs, and head over to the KDHX website for a short but enthusiastic review of their St. Louis show that night - I know some of you were blown away by the performance, so it must have been a great one!

Of Montreal: Live at KDHX 7/4/11 by KDHX

Thanks Freek for the heads-up!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Third Fanfare for the Elephant Six

The Third Fanfare for the Elephant Six was released last month. It really looks like of Montreal is gaining weight within the Townhall (funny how that works), as this time the two-disc compilation features 8 of Montreal covers out of 39 songs. Highlights include The Past is a Grotesque Animal by Zakk Zielke & (my personal favorite) Lenn9o9n. Interestingly enough, this song isn't in Paste's list (see post below), when the fact that it's been covered in the Second and Third Fanfare seems to prove that it is the fans' favorite track. Don't hesitate to send us your covers of of Montreal songs if you have any you feel like sharing with the world - I'd be happy to host a compilation to celebrate the band's 15th birthday next year. Something to ponder...

As for now, you can download the compilation for free here.

The 20 best of Montreal songs, according to Paste Magazine

Now here's an interesting idea... As you may know, Paste Magazine publishes daily lists on just about every social media, and today's list focuses on our favorite band. I'm not sure about their choices, but I'd be hard pressed to come up with my own list as my favorite tracks change on a daily basis. Instead of commenting on the songs as they usually do, they decided to quote their favorite lines from the song. Head over there to see what their favorite of Montreal song is, and if you dis/agree. Feel free to come up with your own lists and share them here!