Saturday, July 16, 2011

KDHX radio session streaming right now

Good news! The band stopped in the KDHX studios for a live session as they were stopping in Saint Louis, Mo earlier this month. There has been a real shortage of alternate versions and live recordings ever since False Priest came out, so this comes as a nice surprise. The band performed Famine Affair, Coquet Coquette and Flunkt Sass vs. The Rute Plume. This is not an acoustic session but a full band recording (that's either a "ahhhhhh" or a "awwwwwww" - you get to choose).

Click on the player below to listen to all three songs, and head over to the KDHX website for a short but enthusiastic review of their St. Louis show that night - I know some of you were blown away by the performance, so it must have been a great one!

Of Montreal: Live at KDHX 7/4/11 by KDHX

Thanks Freek for the heads-up!

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  1. Loving that Kevin is changing up the vocals a little—sounds great—especially Flunkt Sass. Dare I say how much I'm looking forward to the new recordings....