Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Videos

The band posted two new videos on their YouTube channel yesterday.

The first one is about Davey's wrist (the new, enhanced, bionic wrist, that is) and if you are the kind of person who is grossed out by medical procedures, you may want to avert your eyes from the 2nd minute mark on. Otherwise, just stare and you may learn a few things about bones and pins.

The second one, 24 Hour Party Purple (you gotta love the title, if you don't, there's something wrong with you) looks like a trailer for a documentary of some sort (but I'm probably imagining things, plus we've already got two DVDs and a documentary to look forward to). It was shot before, during and after the Fashion Week party of Montreal threw at Santos in NYC two weeks ago.

I am now kindly reminding you facebook users that in order to watch the videos and get your weekly dose of oM goodness, you need to come here (i.e. The Booty Patrol page, outside of fB, on the web), because they are not embedded on the fB Booty Patrol page and won't show up in your newsfeed and I know you're going to get frustrated and tell me there's something wrong and yell and stomp and cry when there's nothing I can do about it.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Daryl & Oates interview in Under The Radar

Under The Radar has now published their lengthy, two-part interview of Hall & Oates. As previously twitted by Kevin himself a while back, he got the job as the interviewer (which is why I'm posting this here, The Booty Patrol did not turn into a Daryl & Oates fan page).
Together, they discuss racial issues, recording techniques, the evolution of the music industry, Live From Daryl's House (which sounds like a really cool idea), movies, the works of Aleister Crowley (I had to mention that even though it only takes 1% of the interview), and plenty of other interesting stuff for you to read, so head over there!

And if you are as totally ignorant as I am (for your sake I hope not), you can sample three of their songs on myspace.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

T5 bootleg (already) available!

We are much much much indebted to Dan Lynch, who never misses the chance to capture of Montreal whenever they hit NYC (this is the 5th recording in less than a year, if you can imagine that!). He managed to do a fantastic job this time and offers us the full recording a mere 24 hours after it happened! Dan, you're the man! Many thanks to BP too, without whom this wouldn't have happened (and I don't think it's the first time that he has to sort things out with the venue managers (or whoever) that are giving tapers a hard time.)

Please visit to download the show, either in flac or mp3.

For links to photos and fans' perception of the event (and a good healthy dose of incoherent rambling, otherwise what's the point?), visit the special NYC Fashion Week thread at the good ol' Townhall - it sounds like you people had a fantastic time despite the somewhat obnoxious behavior of a few ill-advised bitches in the front row, but what's new, eh? It's either that or send the band back to some dodgy bar playing to 25 oh-so tasteful punters, and we sure don't want that, do we?

Friday, September 18, 2009

New York Fashion Week Party

On Wednesday night, of Montreal put on a much-anticipated one-of-a-kind performance at Santos Party House in New York. Reports in the form of excited tweets started flooding as the show began, and became less and less decipherable as the show went on (thus mimicking what was going on on stage, apparently.) What happens in Santos stays in Santos, and my spies are giving me the silent treatment (I don't know what they have witnessed, but I am now slightly concerned that they may never recover), so we will have to do with official reports from our favorite indie news agencies (and if it isn't enough and you want some kind of inside scoop, you can head over to oM's official twitter and almost re-live it from Kevin's perspective.

Stereogum covered the show in just 100 words but 64 pictures.
Brooklyn Vegan must have been thrilled not to see any animals on stage this time, but got carried away and half the pictures they took are of random members of the audience (I'm guessing that's the Beautiful People of NYC, but I seriously have no idea who they are).
Fluxblog was the first one to hand in his paper, and for that we are grateful. Matthew also gets the gold in the "most appropriate title" category.
Pitchfork didn't bother with words, but contributed a few pictures...
Gaelen Harlacher covered the event for Rockscope and took wonderful pictures, including these two...


NBC also covered the event, but have no pictures to show for it, as "it was so wild, in fact, that we're sad to tell you that we can't post many of the photos we took last night online." I guess this is what happens when you're working for a big network. Unfortunately, working for NBC doesn't mean you can afford a dictionary (kuddos to all of you who will spot the misspell).

Tonight, the band is playing T5 - which will (hopefully) be full of adoring, paying and quite possibly under-aged fans, but here's to hoping they bring some of the new, kinkier theatrics to the stage! Expect a full report sometime during the weekend!

On a totally unrelated note, our resident artist/Patroller Camille Wells has finished chapter 2 of her Skeletal Lamping comic extravangaza, and we have just put it online, so check it out! Her black & white style of drawing fits the song perfectly.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Win tickets to a "special performance"

of Montreal will be in New York next week to celebrate the NY Fashion Week with a show at Terminal 5 on Friday night, and a special private performance on Wednesday 16th. The good news is, you can win tickets (or some kind of Open Sesame magic phrase, who knows?) by registering on Thrillist (click on the picture below).
I'm not really sure what they mean by of Montreal ft. Smirnoff Vodka - sounds like a recipe for some kind of hipster Molotov Cocktail (matches not included). It could be dangerous, which is why you can't attend if you're under 21. Sorry, kiddies!


~~-~~ September 10th edit ~~-~~

Thanks to Lauren for passing on the information about the almost-private show the band will be playing at the Riviera in Chicago tonight - and this time you can actually score tickets! Rumor has it that it is some kind of award ceremony, there's no talk about how long the performance would be, and the tickets are outrageously expensive, but hey... if you're in Chicago and you've stolen just your boss's wallet, you may be able to make it to the show.