Saturday, September 19, 2009

T5 bootleg (already) available!

We are much much much indebted to Dan Lynch, who never misses the chance to capture of Montreal whenever they hit NYC (this is the 5th recording in less than a year, if you can imagine that!). He managed to do a fantastic job this time and offers us the full recording a mere 24 hours after it happened! Dan, you're the man! Many thanks to BP too, without whom this wouldn't have happened (and I don't think it's the first time that he has to sort things out with the venue managers (or whoever) that are giving tapers a hard time.)

Please visit to download the show, either in flac or mp3.

For links to photos and fans' perception of the event (and a good healthy dose of incoherent rambling, otherwise what's the point?), visit the special NYC Fashion Week thread at the good ol' Townhall - it sounds like you people had a fantastic time despite the somewhat obnoxious behavior of a few ill-advised bitches in the front row, but what's new, eh? It's either that or send the band back to some dodgy bar playing to 25 oh-so tasteful punters, and we sure don't want that, do we?


  1. just think how cozy and delicious a 25 person club would be though

  2. Yeah, but how would you get a ticket to that?
    I've been lucky enough to see them in small venues, with a 100-200 cap. Best times. :-)