Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Win tickets to a "special performance"

of Montreal will be in New York next week to celebrate the NY Fashion Week with a show at Terminal 5 on Friday night, and a special private performance on Wednesday 16th. The good news is, you can win tickets (or some kind of Open Sesame magic phrase, who knows?) by registering on Thrillist (click on the picture below).
I'm not really sure what they mean by of Montreal ft. Smirnoff Vodka - sounds like a recipe for some kind of hipster Molotov Cocktail (matches not included). It could be dangerous, which is why you can't attend if you're under 21. Sorry, kiddies!


~~-~~ September 10th edit ~~-~~

Thanks to Lauren for passing on the information about the almost-private show the band will be playing at the Riviera in Chicago tonight - and this time you can actually score tickets! Rumor has it that it is some kind of award ceremony, there's no talk about how long the performance would be, and the tickets are outrageously expensive, but hey... if you're in Chicago and you've stolen just your boss's wallet, you may be able to make it to the show.

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