Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fell In Love With Europe

So the AV Club finally posted the video of of Montreal covering the White Stripes' Fell In Love With A Girl, a choice that seems about as weird as 2008's Smells Like Teen Spirit, but then we all remembered how that one went down, right? The bad news is, the video isn't playing here (not sure whether I should blame my sluggish computer or the French government and its stupid censorship of the internet), so I can't make any of my usual oh-so charming comments.* I'm still giving you the link so you can assess the quality of the recording. It was recorded, unless I am mistaken, on the day of Montreal was in Chicago and Kevin gave this interview (which doesn't have anything to do with The White Stripes, or falling in love with a girl).


* I have been informed that the AV Club managed to mistake Clayton for Jamey. Shame on them.


Big news #2 (but, hey! that's not news!!!) is oM's return to Europe, for two dates only : on Thursday in Barcelona, Spain and on Monday in Bergen, Norway. So be cool and welcome the band back to Europe... Now all we need is a little help from Iceland's Grimsvotn (So happy it isn't "Eyjafjallajökull" this year!) to make their stay longer... then they'd have to start busking to survive, and judging by this 2008 recording, no-one would want to miss that!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spectrum Culture interview

A huge thank you to Townhaller Nerosneptune for this amazing interview. The interview to end all interviews - at least for a while. It is unclear whether he just posted the link or whether he actually interviewed Kevin, but whoever came up with these questions gets an A++ from The Booty Patrol. Check it out right now.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One interview and one email

Here's another really interesting interview, the first one (as far as I'm aware) that does acknowledge the fact that False Priest was of Montreal's attempt to make it B.I.G., but that it certainly fell short of everybody's expectations. So go ahead and read what Kevin has to say about this, and how it will (or won't) influence the next album. Which is pencilled in for release early next year. I love good news!

Among other things I love : funny emails from you guys. This one, from the Leader of the Claque (ouch!), is the best I've read in a while, so it deserves a spot here :

"Hello Booty Patrol,

I’m hoping you can field a couple of Montreal-related questions.

I’ve contacted you because The Booty Patrol is the nexus for all things oM. It’s one-stop shopping and required reading for self-respecting fans.

oM’s May 2 show at Montreal’s Le National (the venue was changed from Metropolis) was cancelled without explanation. On Sunday the sounds of wailing and keening reverberated through Montreal as ticketholders received email confirmation that oM's show was axed. Last month’s oM show in Halifax was also spiked, but this week the Toronto show went ahead.

Have you heard why oM’s Montreal show was cancelled? More importantly, do you know if it will be re-scheduled?

There are a few completely unsubstantiated rumours circulating about oM’s none-night stand in Montreal:

1) The band encountered an ultra-extremist faction of The Defenders of the Accent Aigu. They accused oM of Accent Neglect and demanded the band’s name be styled as “of Montréal”. When oM refused to comply, these renegade philologists threatened to lay siege to the band’s tour bus. oM had no choice but to cancel the show;

2) oM was tapped to sing the US & Canadian anthems for the Canadiens’ home games in the second round of the playoffs. Unfortunately the Habs didn’t make it that far. oM was totally devastated -- they had learned the French version of “O Canada” by heart -- and in a fit of pique Georgie et al quit the province;

3) One of the oM Pigs knocked up a local lady unicorn after last year’s show. Some of her relatives did not approve of their interspecies love freakout and threatened to turn the offending Pig into prosciutto. Wary of being turned into sandwich meat, the Pig in question was reluctant to take to the stage on Monday. His fellow oM Pig buddies, worried they might be mistaken for the unicorn-impregnator, also refused to perform. The Pigs’ stage absence shook oM to the core. Amid a chorus of sighs and sobs, the bereft band spiked the Montreal show.

Personally I think the hammy threats of the Unicorn Uncles have been exaggerated. Everyone knows that unicorns are vegetarians.

Has the Booty Patrol or its Rear Admirals heard if any/all of these rumours are true? Any light you can shed would be most appreciated. Hopefully all’s well with the band and its horny menagerie, and oM will soon return to its namesake city. Thanks for your time and help. Have a glorious weekend!

Grateful hugs and kisses,"

Well, that made me laugh... I still don't know why the show was cancelled, but I certainly am eager to find out now.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Today we have two new interviews. One comes from a trusted source, the AV Club, and the other comes from a blog (not that you are not trusted or reliable, Melissa!), one features Kevin Barnes talking about his three favorite alter egos (but it's actually more complicated than that), the other features Davey and Nick (Dobbratz, not Gould) discussing touring, Yip Deceiver plans and putting an end to the never-ending black male/black mail argument. Both are definitely worth your time, so go ahead and read Nick & Davey's interview on Modern Mystery, then head over to the AV Club to learn about Kevin's favorite popular music characters.

This calls for the reappearance of this 5-year-old picture, yeah!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Interviews / news / live videos

1. Spinner interviewed David in the wake of the release of What's Weird? If you haven't already done so, you can still order the book from Polyvinyl, or just get the book from the merch stand (say hi to Dana!). The great thing when you order it is that it comes with audio files that walk you through the book, in case you get kind of lost and have no idea what you're looking at, though David's commentary could actually make matters worse, who knows? I am not sure how it works because I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive through the mail.
If you are a big fan of David's art and you're attending any of the US shows, don't forget your wallet because they are selling wonderfully crafted jewellery stands and magnets, and believe me, you don't want to miss out on those.
JUST IN : David talks to DC-based blog The New Gay : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr4CZGfkEM0&sns=em

2. You all know about it by now because it's been facebooked and polyvinyled, but for the record, here's a link to the eyeweekly interview. If you were eagerly awaiting that Blikk Fang record, you're going to be let down (but then you probably saw this coming).

3. Bummed Blikk Fang isn't happening? Need something to look forward to? What about an of Montreal / Os Mutantes collaboration? Pitchfork seems to think it is happening for real! Now of course, details are sketchy, it could just mean it's a cover we've already heard back in the days, or a reworking of that cover, or it could really be a collaboration between both bands, we won't know until we buy it. And I mean BUY IT because the money goes to a charity, and stealing from a charity is even more lame than stealing from an artist. Both will get you straight to hell, though, or so I've been told.

4. Pop renegade has a main feature / interview with Kevin up right now. I'm actually pretty sure the guy never sat down with Kevin (or even shot him an email) and they are quoting from other interviews and not citing their sources (either that or Kevin just copy/pastes answers now), but it can still jumpstart your memory, especially at the very end when the future sound of oM is discussed.

5. The good folks of the Townhall are currently uploading old bootlegs. Well, to be fair, the good folks of the Townhall are requesting old bootlegs and Freek is uploading them. The audio quality isn't always the best, but if you want to have an idea what the band sounded like in 1999, 2001 or 2004, here's your big chance. I will do my best to keep all these files safe in our super secret mediafire vault, so future generations can enjoy them in case May 21st isn't really the beginning of the end of the world.

6. The Booty Patrol is proud to present its April 2011 live playlist, featuring songs that were played during the first 5 nights of the tour, featuring thecontrollersphere songs L'Age d'Or, Holiday Call, Slave Translator & Flinkt Sass vs. The Rute Plume, one brand new song, Sails Hermaphroditic, "old" favorites like The Repudiated Immortals and Oslo In The Summertime, the two best songs from False Priest (Godly Intersex & You Do Mutilate? - which morphs into Gronlandic Edit for added pleasure), and And I've Seen A Bloody Shadow/Plastis Wafer. Another ten-track playlist will be added when I am done uploading the rest, but these were the highlights I managed to catch on tape.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Song

"Sails Hermaphroditic" was premiered on April 27th at Toad's Place. If you were expecting a showcase of what's next for the band, you are going to be let down as it does not really seem like a step in a new direction, and probably would have felt right at home on False Priest. Enjoy!

of Montreal - Sails Hermaphroditic (new song) from I Rule The School on Vimeo.

I personnally would like to thank all the cool kids who came to say hi and shake hands last week and therefore proved that I was not keeping up this page in vain (because let me tell you that there are times when I really wonder if I'm not the only one who cares anymore). It was much appreciated. Also, the Booty Patrol is calling on all good souls who will be at the upcoming shows : if you can shoot me pictures of setlists or cool pictures or video, I would definitely appreciate it.