Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fell In Love With Europe

So the AV Club finally posted the video of of Montreal covering the White Stripes' Fell In Love With A Girl, a choice that seems about as weird as 2008's Smells Like Teen Spirit, but then we all remembered how that one went down, right? The bad news is, the video isn't playing here (not sure whether I should blame my sluggish computer or the French government and its stupid censorship of the internet), so I can't make any of my usual oh-so charming comments.* I'm still giving you the link so you can assess the quality of the recording. It was recorded, unless I am mistaken, on the day of Montreal was in Chicago and Kevin gave this interview (which doesn't have anything to do with The White Stripes, or falling in love with a girl).


* I have been informed that the AV Club managed to mistake Clayton for Jamey. Shame on them.


Big news #2 (but, hey! that's not news!!!) is oM's return to Europe, for two dates only : on Thursday in Barcelona, Spain and on Monday in Bergen, Norway. So be cool and welcome the band back to Europe... Now all we need is a little help from Iceland's Grimsvotn (So happy it isn't "Eyjafjallajökull" this year!) to make their stay longer... then they'd have to start busking to survive, and judging by this 2008 recording, no-one would want to miss that!

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