Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One interview and one email

Here's another really interesting interview, the first one (as far as I'm aware) that does acknowledge the fact that False Priest was of Montreal's attempt to make it B.I.G., but that it certainly fell short of everybody's expectations. So go ahead and read what Kevin has to say about this, and how it will (or won't) influence the next album. Which is pencilled in for release early next year. I love good news!

Among other things I love : funny emails from you guys. This one, from the Leader of the Claque (ouch!), is the best I've read in a while, so it deserves a spot here :

"Hello Booty Patrol,

I’m hoping you can field a couple of Montreal-related questions.

I’ve contacted you because The Booty Patrol is the nexus for all things oM. It’s one-stop shopping and required reading for self-respecting fans.

oM’s May 2 show at Montreal’s Le National (the venue was changed from Metropolis) was cancelled without explanation. On Sunday the sounds of wailing and keening reverberated through Montreal as ticketholders received email confirmation that oM's show was axed. Last month’s oM show in Halifax was also spiked, but this week the Toronto show went ahead.

Have you heard why oM’s Montreal show was cancelled? More importantly, do you know if it will be re-scheduled?

There are a few completely unsubstantiated rumours circulating about oM’s none-night stand in Montreal:

1) The band encountered an ultra-extremist faction of The Defenders of the Accent Aigu. They accused oM of Accent Neglect and demanded the band’s name be styled as “of MontrĂ©al”. When oM refused to comply, these renegade philologists threatened to lay siege to the band’s tour bus. oM had no choice but to cancel the show;

2) oM was tapped to sing the US & Canadian anthems for the Canadiens’ home games in the second round of the playoffs. Unfortunately the Habs didn’t make it that far. oM was totally devastated -- they had learned the French version of “O Canada” by heart -- and in a fit of pique Georgie et al quit the province;

3) One of the oM Pigs knocked up a local lady unicorn after last year’s show. Some of her relatives did not approve of their interspecies love freakout and threatened to turn the offending Pig into prosciutto. Wary of being turned into sandwich meat, the Pig in question was reluctant to take to the stage on Monday. His fellow oM Pig buddies, worried they might be mistaken for the unicorn-impregnator, also refused to perform. The Pigs’ stage absence shook oM to the core. Amid a chorus of sighs and sobs, the bereft band spiked the Montreal show.

Personally I think the hammy threats of the Unicorn Uncles have been exaggerated. Everyone knows that unicorns are vegetarians.

Has the Booty Patrol or its Rear Admirals heard if any/all of these rumours are true? Any light you can shed would be most appreciated. Hopefully all’s well with the band and its horny menagerie, and oM will soon return to its namesake city. Thanks for your time and help. Have a glorious weekend!

Grateful hugs and kisses,"

Well, that made me laugh... I still don't know why the show was cancelled, but I certainly am eager to find out now.

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  1. The news that Kevin is possibly abandoning the empty idea of appealing to the masses is the best news ever. I'm very eager to hear where this is going. Long live (a mildly successful) oM! (P.S. FP is a decent LP and it broke new ground for the band, but the collaborations seemed a little ill-fitting, possibly pushed. I think he should just trust himself. First instincts are typically the best instincts.