Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Interviews / news / live videos

1. Spinner interviewed David in the wake of the release of What's Weird? If you haven't already done so, you can still order the book from Polyvinyl, or just get the book from the merch stand (say hi to Dana!). The great thing when you order it is that it comes with audio files that walk you through the book, in case you get kind of lost and have no idea what you're looking at, though David's commentary could actually make matters worse, who knows? I am not sure how it works because I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive through the mail.
If you are a big fan of David's art and you're attending any of the US shows, don't forget your wallet because they are selling wonderfully crafted jewellery stands and magnets, and believe me, you don't want to miss out on those.
JUST IN : David talks to DC-based blog The New Gay :

2. You all know about it by now because it's been facebooked and polyvinyled, but for the record, here's a link to the eyeweekly interview. If you were eagerly awaiting that Blikk Fang record, you're going to be let down (but then you probably saw this coming).

3. Bummed Blikk Fang isn't happening? Need something to look forward to? What about an of Montreal / Os Mutantes collaboration? Pitchfork seems to think it is happening for real! Now of course, details are sketchy, it could just mean it's a cover we've already heard back in the days, or a reworking of that cover, or it could really be a collaboration between both bands, we won't know until we buy it. And I mean BUY IT because the money goes to a charity, and stealing from a charity is even more lame than stealing from an artist. Both will get you straight to hell, though, or so I've been told.

4. Pop renegade has a main feature / interview with Kevin up right now. I'm actually pretty sure the guy never sat down with Kevin (or even shot him an email) and they are quoting from other interviews and not citing their sources (either that or Kevin just copy/pastes answers now), but it can still jumpstart your memory, especially at the very end when the future sound of oM is discussed.

5. The good folks of the Townhall are currently uploading old bootlegs. Well, to be fair, the good folks of the Townhall are requesting old bootlegs and Freek is uploading them. The audio quality isn't always the best, but if you want to have an idea what the band sounded like in 1999, 2001 or 2004, here's your big chance. I will do my best to keep all these files safe in our super secret mediafire vault, so future generations can enjoy them in case May 21st isn't really the beginning of the end of the world.

6. The Booty Patrol is proud to present its April 2011 live playlist, featuring songs that were played during the first 5 nights of the tour, featuring thecontrollersphere songs L'Age d'Or, Holiday Call, Slave Translator & Flinkt Sass vs. The Rute Plume, one brand new song, Sails Hermaphroditic, "old" favorites like The Repudiated Immortals and Oslo In The Summertime, the two best songs from False Priest (Godly Intersex & You Do Mutilate? - which morphs into Gronlandic Edit for added pleasure), and And I've Seen A Bloody Shadow/Plastis Wafer. Another ten-track playlist will be added when I am done uploading the rest, but these were the highlights I managed to catch on tape.


  1. Thanks Christine (for keeping the excitement going)! So happy! Now where can I hear Repudiated Immortals? Are you still uploading?

  2. Thanks! I am still uploading, but The Repudiated Immortals is done. You should be able to watch it now.