Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Song

"Sails Hermaphroditic" was premiered on April 27th at Toad's Place. If you were expecting a showcase of what's next for the band, you are going to be let down as it does not really seem like a step in a new direction, and probably would have felt right at home on False Priest. Enjoy!

of Montreal - Sails Hermaphroditic (new song) from I Rule The School on Vimeo.

I personnally would like to thank all the cool kids who came to say hi and shake hands last week and therefore proved that I was not keeping up this page in vain (because let me tell you that there are times when I really wonder if I'm not the only one who cares anymore). It was much appreciated. Also, the Booty Patrol is calling on all good souls who will be at the upcoming shows : if you can shoot me pictures of setlists or cool pictures or video, I would definitely appreciate it.

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