Friday, April 22, 2011

Tour Starts Today (for real this time)

As it turns out, the Madison, WI was more of a one-off show than the start of the tour, which may or may not be called the Tea Party tour. A way to recycle the McCain masks from the Ninjas Prove It tour, maybe? (tour dates to your left, you know the drill.)
As usual, the beginning of a tour calls for a pretty intense session of press-searching, but, goddammit, for the first time of my life I'm in New York and I have better things to look at than my netvibes page and my automated google searches. Well, ok, actually I couldn't help myself and I took a quick peek, here are the 3 articles that really popped up :

1) This came from Drug Policy Central. It's kind of funny because there is no link to the original article (I didn't find it, but I didn't really look), but it looks like a pretty recent interview with David. And apparently it promotes madness and drug use and a lot of things that is really bad to y'all. America is so STR8 EDGE. Ha. Who's going to believe that???

2) Record Online has an interview with Davey up. I'm sure it's good, I just haven't had the time to read it.

3) Here's a Q&A with Kevin, once again, lots of words, not enough time!

And this just found its way into my inbox - it looks like the official promo picture for the tour (I didn't find the copyright, so apologies to the photographer)

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