Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tour kick-off and street teams

For those who are looking forward to seeing the band (for the first time, the hundredth time or all the times in between) in the next few weeks, here's a review of Friday night's show in Madison, WI (hometown of The Booty Patrol's founding member Quixotic Goat). Unfortunately there are no pictures, and I couldn't even find one on flickr (where do people post their pictures these days? I've no idea!), and I don't have a setlist either, but I have it on pretty good authority that it is the same line-up as the False Priest tour. Thanks Elias for the link.

New Townhaller and NYC Street Team member Edittrix contacted me earlier this week with pictures of her amazing work. Watch out for those life-sized Kevins funking up the the streets of New York!

Did any of you come up with some cool ideas like this one? I'd love to post your pictures here, so send them in!


  1. Thanks for the BP love! I hope this encourages other fans to try something crafty to promote the band. They deserve the accolades and attention. They give so much of themselves; let's return the love!

  2. Man, that venue sucked! Really bummed. Better be back at the Pabst next time. Union South was like being at high school prom. I felt really bad that such an amazing band was playing the shittiest (and driest!) venue I've ever been to.