Friday, September 18, 2009

New York Fashion Week Party

On Wednesday night, of Montreal put on a much-anticipated one-of-a-kind performance at Santos Party House in New York. Reports in the form of excited tweets started flooding as the show began, and became less and less decipherable as the show went on (thus mimicking what was going on on stage, apparently.) What happens in Santos stays in Santos, and my spies are giving me the silent treatment (I don't know what they have witnessed, but I am now slightly concerned that they may never recover), so we will have to do with official reports from our favorite indie news agencies (and if it isn't enough and you want some kind of inside scoop, you can head over to oM's official twitter and almost re-live it from Kevin's perspective.

Stereogum covered the show in just 100 words but 64 pictures.
Brooklyn Vegan must have been thrilled not to see any animals on stage this time, but got carried away and half the pictures they took are of random members of the audience (I'm guessing that's the Beautiful People of NYC, but I seriously have no idea who they are).
Fluxblog was the first one to hand in his paper, and for that we are grateful. Matthew also gets the gold in the "most appropriate title" category.
Pitchfork didn't bother with words, but contributed a few pictures...
Gaelen Harlacher covered the event for Rockscope and took wonderful pictures, including these two...


NBC also covered the event, but have no pictures to show for it, as "it was so wild, in fact, that we're sad to tell you that we can't post many of the photos we took last night online." I guess this is what happens when you're working for a big network. Unfortunately, working for NBC doesn't mean you can afford a dictionary (kuddos to all of you who will spot the misspell).

Tonight, the band is playing T5 - which will (hopefully) be full of adoring, paying and quite possibly under-aged fans, but here's to hoping they bring some of the new, kinkier theatrics to the stage! Expect a full report sometime during the weekend!

On a totally unrelated note, our resident artist/Patroller Camille Wells has finished chapter 2 of her Skeletal Lamping comic extravangaza, and we have just put it online, so check it out! Her black & white style of drawing fits the song perfectly.

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  1. Ny brother and I are in most of those pictures. And we are from Ct.