Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another member added

**this is unconfirmed by any current band members, we will keep you updated!**

donewaiting reports that Ahmed of Sinkane will be joining of Montreal's touring band as a drummer starting this fall.

Ahmed has had a crazy year. His band, Sinkane released their debut album. And then he joined Caribou as the drummer to rescue that tour. Details here.

Now he’s about to join Of Montreal as their drummer. Dude is on a roll.

From Ahmed:

im in columbus for one more week and then i leave to athens, georgia where i will be meeting up with of Montreal. i will be playing drums for them. we’re doing a photoshoot and then ill be going to phoenix for a month to visit my parents before i have to meet up with of Montreal again for rehearsal starting august. tour starts in october and im pretty much going to be with the band for a year or so. i dont know what the specifics are other than their next record ’skeletal lamping’ will be released this fall.

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