Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Song

When The Booty Patrol's special reporter in NYC sent me her report from of Montreal's Columbia University show last weekend, she did mention (among other things I'm sitting on right now) that she thought they had played a couple of new songs... How new? Coquet Coquet new, or really never heard of? Well, very very new apparently, as Matt (aka ThatKid, aka You Ain't No Picasso) just posted a video of an as-yet-unheard song, that he decided to call "Ghetto World" (his title, not Kevin's). Check it out (if only those Ivy Leaguers could have kept quiet for two fucking minutes - is that too much to ask?)!

If you are not following our Twitter or Facebook page, you may have missed out on yet another great Picasso move, since it's his picture which illustrates Rolling Stones article about "indie turning into hi-fi" or whatever (they obviously have never heard of, say, The Happy Mondays' "Yes Please!", which was, at the time it was released, indie rock's most expensive record - so expensive it led to the demise of Factory Records - but I'm getting sidetracked). Thanks Kenneth for the scan!

In other random news, it has been confirmed that the band is making a guest appearance on Janelle Monae's upcoming album (The Archandroid, out May 18th - but you can pre-order it right now). Thanks to Elias at the Townhall for sharing.


  1. anyone know the setlist for the Columbia show? If this tour is anything like the opening of their Skeletal Lamping tour, it means they will be playing 65% new songs.

    I will be at the Austin show and will post the setlist here...well, as best i can considering aforementioned :)

  2. It was a classic setlist, with one new song, and (possibly) a couple of the unreleased songs (Teenage Unicorn Fisting, not "new" but not released either), and TPIAGA as an encore. That's all I remember.
    I don't think they'll be playing any new songs on this tour (May 2010) - False Priest won't be out before the Fall (or possibly later - I'm not sure it's complete yet), and I don't see how the band could have had the time to rehearse any new material.
    But I'd love to get the setlist for the Austin show.

  3. Rapture Rapes the Muses
    Party’s Crashing us Now
    ID Engager
    Wraith Pinned to the Mist and other Games
    Suffer for Fashion
    Bunny ain’t no kind of rider
    Plastis Wafers
    St. Exquisites Confessions
    Gallery Piece
    Famine Affair*
    Triphallus to Punctuate
    Faberge Falls for Shuggie
    Heimesdalgate Like a Promethean Curse
    An Eluardian Instance

    Beware our Nubile Miscreants
    A Sentence of Sorts in Konsingver

    *First time played