Saturday, March 14, 2009

Videos from Singapore

of Montreal's 4-week-long tour of Oceania and Asia is coming to an end, and the band has spent the last 3 days in Singapore, where they will play two shows tomorrow.
Yesterday they played a small acoustic set at the Esplanade Library and some of it has been committed to tape. And by that I mean SD card.

The first video is a (rather hilarious) improvised cover of a traditional Malay song with improbable lyrics, and the second is an acoustic version of The Party's Crashing Us, which, as far as I know is the first time they play it this way. And they somehow pull it off.

Thanks to Illuminated at the Townhall for sharing these with us. And thanks to new Townhaller Ikinai who captured these moments in the first place.

Now that you've all had a good laugh, try and sing along!!!

Dimana dia anak kambing saya? Anak kambing saya yang makan daun talas
Dimana dia buah hati saya? Buah hati saya bagai telur dikupas

Oh-oh-oh Chan mali chan, (Hoi! Hoi!) chan mali chan, (Hoi! Hoi!) chan mali chan, ketipung payung
Oh-oh-oh Chan mali chan, (Hoi! Hoi!) chan mali chan, (Hoi! Hoi!) chan mali chan, ketipung payung

Download the 4 songs the band performed during this acoustic session in mp3 format here.

Singapore's online magazine Youth posted an interview with the band.


  1. ..hehx2!

    glad you liked my bootleg video of of montreal covering "Chan Mali Chan"!

    it was a riot! we'd a blast!

    chan mali chan hoi! hoi!

  2. Thanks Ikinai! I'm going to edit my post and give you the credit for the videos! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Apologies to Akira, whose comment was deleted.

  4. This is soooooo awesome!!! so glad someone posted the videos they were so funny! I enjoyed myself so much during the 3 gigs + this one :–D

  5. Does anyone know the setlist for of montreal's 16 Mar night performance? Your help would be greatly appreciated :)

  6. I find the emcees in Singapore disgusting, and to their credit: of Montreal incredibly patient with them. It was hosted by the clueless jocks of a glorified lounge-act who obviously knew nothing about our heroes. They made an established, creative and prolific American band jump through freakshow hoops by having them sing that song - while real fans had gathered to hear of Montreal play of Montreal songs.

    It's almost funny when presenters Jack & Rai reveal that they don't actually understand the lyrics themselves. One wonders how much of their usual repertoire they understand. And how patronising is it when they address "the Malay guy" helping them: 'eh bruddah'

    I heard also that they found time to plug their own band. And I told I should have seen "how gleeful the Chinese one was playing the guitar for Chan Mali Chan".

    I take heart that many people there, young Singaporeans who Jack & Rai would hope were their target market, had NO CLUE who they were.

    Damn these Jocks.