Friday, March 27, 2009

Sidney Show Video

I am unashamedly ripping of of Montreal's official blog this time, but this is too good to pass up.
Australia has its own version of Fabchannel (well, not exactly, since they don't stream videos live, and we really hope they don't meet the same fate) and they filmed the Manning Bar show in its entirety. You can watch it here, or straight from the Moshcam website.

If the show sounds very familiar to you, don't think this is some kind of weird aural déjà-vu, it is just that we got a hold of the recording some two weeks ago. For those who missed it, or those who are trying to figure out a way to rip mp3s off the video, stop wasting your time and download it straight from Morris Coffey's blog. Morris will apparently be attending a couple of shows in the US next month, and we here at the Booty Patrol urge him to take his recording gear with him.

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