Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Famine Affair Remix contest

The vote is now open, and oh my oh my, there are about one hundred contestants fighting for your attention. I have to admit I got tired after listening to about 10 of them (good thing some of you had already submitted your entries at the Townhall or shared them with me already!)
Anyway, it looks like "our own" Lucy Is A Banana got a little bit of a headstart with her classic dance-floor remix, so good luck to her!
Since a lot of good people I happen to know are entering, I'm going to shamelessly promote them and help you weed out the others (what? I don't know you? that's because you suck!) :

Here's the Booty Patrol shortlist :
Contact me with the link to your remix if you want a bit of free publicity!

New addition : Karl's Stand By Me / Famine Affair mash-up,

The vote will be closed on December 13th, so there's plenty of time to decide. Choose wisely, my friends, because I am not sure if you can vote several times.
Explore, listen and cast your ballot here!

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