Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another acoustic version of Enemy Gene

I'm pretty sure you all remember when Kevin posted this piano version of what was going to become track 5 on False Priest...

Now here comes this great acoustic guitar version from Manchester Scenewipe :

Of Montreal from MCR Scenewipe on Vimeo.

Thanks Plastic Umbrella for the link

And since we're open to discussion and debate here (well, only if you agree with me, that is, democracy is overrated), what do you think of Athens Music Express's article on this one song? Was it marred by over-production? Or did it just become something so different you can't compare? And more importantly, how can one version of the song sound more "sincere" than the other? Does this even mean something? Aren't songs just good or not, incapable of being either sincere or deceitful? So many questions, so few answers...


  1. The difference is that Kevin has a beard in the first video, and probably didn't have a beard when he re-recorded the song for it's final version.

    Oh, he probably wanted a beard in the vimeo video, so it still works out.

  2. Yeah, the beard makes the bard more sincere... ;)

  3. I think the question of whether or not the final duet that made it on FP was or wasn't as "sincere" as the original piano clip on Vimeo has to do more with what the lyrics in the song may imply (as a solo) versus how the same content/meaning becomes more obfuscated in a duet. Or not. It's possible that fans might have become more attached to the first version in that "raw" form, so anything that came later (and seemed to be a departure from the "original" track) would have been somehow "tainted" or "less pure." Of course, all of this is merely opinion. The first version we heard was so intimate; it was easy to fall for that song and hard to let it go (even to share it a little) to another artist.

  4. I've got it. They could have easily put the acoustic version on the album, and easily have replicated the track live. But, by making the track what it is now, it's a different form of the song that we probably would never heard had they gone acoustic -- I doubt they would have said "oh. here's a psyched up version of Enemy Gene, and...Janelle Monae is on it too! live!"

    no? yeah, i'm wrong.

  5. hahah, yeah sincere is in the beard! I don't sense they are really feeling the song in this video as much as some live performances, and i think that's what someone could mean by sincere, but to be fair Kevin has written songs with a full band in mind for a while now and it's a daunting task to make this song work very well with only acoustic guitar, but they did OK. The lyrics are really amazing so its hard not to feel something.

    1. also he is playing power chords because this song was not written for guitar, and power chords are not always that powerful, they don't really get you high.