Sunday, December 12, 2010

of Montreal in upcoming documentary

There is no word to express how bad I feel for posting this 6 months after I was contacted by the PR lady (yeah, that was back in June and it got buried under the ton of fan mail you guys send me - or something), but there's actually a cool little documentary called 40 nights of rock'n'roll that features of Montreal. It was shot in April when the band played the Granada Theater in Dallas, Tx.
You can watch the whole trailer on their website, or get a sneak preview of the oM part below.

The whole idea, from what I gather, came from Paste Magazine editor Steve LaBate (you know, this guy is responsible for the best of Montreal interview(s) ever*) and some guy I'm not familiar with (Scott Sloan) who decided to hit the road and see 40 shows in 40 days in 40 different cities. Hopefully it'll come out as entertaining to watch as it was to shoot.

* in case you forgot :
And also, the first interview that got us excited about Skeletal Lamping :

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