Friday, October 1, 2010

More interviews

The band hasn't touched down in Europe yet (it's only a matter of hours I believe), but British interviews are starting to flood in (well, that's more like a trickle, but I'm hopeful)

Below is the NME video interview which somehow ended up on AOL's site and not on NME's, but hey, technicality... A lot of interesting footage from the rehearsals prior to the tour, and watch out for Kevin's mom around the 2-minute mark! And doesn't it feel nice to see Kevin so genuinely happy to answer these questions? Kuddos to Spenser for that video! Now of course, it might be the closest Europe will ever get to these props, but don't let that bum you out, and get your tickets if you haven't already done so, it's going to be grand all the same. (I hope for your sake nothing has sold out yet!)

Of Montreal - NME Video Interview

Drowned In Sound did quite a good job with their interview once again. I'm not sure if I'm imagining things or what, but it definitely feels like Kevin is sharing and opening up more with foreign publications.

Back in the US, False Priest was in Time Magazine's shortlist of things to do (I bet they meant "buy", or "listen to", but who would want to "do" a false priest???) last week (and it's a really short list - 5 items, only one music-related), and here's the evidence!!! You have to wonder whether or not this will have an impact on sales... Are the kind of people who read Times Magazine likely to enjoy False Priest?
Many thanks to Mr. Barnes (senior) for bringing this to our attention, and Lisa W. who found the online link.

LimeWire (which seems to be a totally legit site now)1 posted an interview with Kevin last week too. We have Bella aka G&G to thank for this link.

Also, on October 4th, KZSC Santa Cruz will be broadcasting their "exclusive" interview from 2 to 4pm. The main problem I have with exclusive interviews is that they are no use when every journalist asks exactly the same questions. But you never know, you may learn a few things if you tune in and have a little faith in Californians.

1 (can't you tell I'd be lost without parentheses?)


  1. Have I got the right (again) to put the video on my blog?

  2. Sure... Everything I post on here is legit, and for the world to see/use/re-blog, and when it's not I usually say so, or just delete the post. :)