Saturday, October 23, 2010

More press, videos, interviews

Thanks to Byron Sweet for this new NPR link : Robert Christgau (*gasp* and if you don't, check out his resume) wrote what I believe is his first piece on of Montreal. Now of course he kind of is full of shit, but then (a) the guy is getting old and (b) it doesn't matter when you're Robert Christgau, right? You can say whatever you want and call it the Truth, who's going to confront you? Well, I sure bow to the guy, even though he must have been quite deaf if he'd never heard a bassline in oM songs before.

Check out the video interview on French website musicactu - they didn't overdub it, so it is safe for you English-speaking people. Funny how they translated "one of the bigger markets in Europe" as "the best audience in Europe" - but hey, we're French, what do we care about twisting people's words to gratify our egos?
And here's the cue to announce that great news is on the way for French fans, as The Booty Patrol (TM) is about to team up with the "French of Montreal fan club" pour votre plaisir. Not sure how it's going to work just yet, but we assure you it's going to be way cooler than a lazy-assed google translation.

The band hit the road again this week (well, it's not like they had really stopped) and soundspike was there to document their first show back in the US. Don't torture yourself with their review, but take a look at the slideshow, really nice pictures (don't they make anything embeddable anymore?) Before the show, the Riverfront Times had posted a short Q&A with Kevin, and prior to the band's upcoming Seattle show, Seattle Weekly published another Q&A, in which Kevin claims that his favorite False Priest song to play live is You Do Mutilate? - and no-one would have suspected that, right?

If you live in Portland, OR (lucky you!), and you don't have tickets for the Oct. 28th show yet, you can try and win a couple of them (and they'll be sending False Priest your way too). All you need to do is come up with a good comment to post on their site.

Signing off with The Past Is A Grotesque Animal as performed live in Brussels last week - in 4 installments because my camera exploded 3 times from sheer excitement.

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