Sunday, March 18, 2007

Review of Milwaukee show

aaaaaaalright. first off. holy fucking shit.

i had a wonderful day in milwaukee. vic, my sister, had to be at marquette for some work stuff so we left the house around 5am. so blah blah blah. i could talk about my nice day. but eff that. you wanna hear some reviews, yes?

so we get to the show way way way way early. i mean. like. super early. 3pm early (doors were at 6). anyway. we get there and they are unloading their bus. which was pretty awesome cause we saw the lobster claw come out. and the large three headed animal thing (which they didnt end up using the for the show.. i just realized.. hmm.. anyways). we ran off to consume some bar food. we returned around 5:30pm where we were able to hear the soundcheck through some doors on the side of the building which was SUPER fan-y of us. but. whatever. i was really excited. i kept getting sort of sick to my stomach all day thinking of them and it happened 10 fold once inside the building. sitting on the sofa. matt and kevin walking by every once in a while and be going "oh god i am gonna vomit!" ok. i'm done being fan-y now. (yea right) i was the first person through the doors when they opened them and got myself at the very front of the stage.

i had never heard loney, dear. and i was very impressed. other then the drunk people behind me screaming "of montreal! of montreal!" and "come on chemicals!" it was really good. i am definitely going to look into them more. they all had HUGE smiles on their face. they seemed like they were having a great time. and its nice to see that.

we chatted with two people behind us (if by act of god either of you read this please contact me because we didnt exchange emails or ANYTHING and i thought you both were awesome) between sets and i grew increasingly irritated with the 19 year olds who were obviously trashed.. or maybe on some other drugs.. i have no idea. but i really have no tolerance for being rude to the band that is on stage and they were being really really annoying.

but om came on and it was sooooo goood. set list is here: i was blown away for the 4th time. it was all i had thought it was going to be. i took A BAJILLION photos. it was so much fun. i was especially impressed with bp this evening. the stuff that kid was pumping out of his guitar was unbelievable. so much distortion. and energetic. here's a video of bp playing "the past is a grotesque animal" and i didn't even catch the half of it. my pictures have more of bp during that song. i'll try to figure out what songs were playing at the time i took the picture. but uhh. yea. its hard to remember it being 2am and all. anyways. the show was fantastic......

minus. one. huge. thing. those drunk ass girls on whatever else seriously were pissing me off. they knew the lyrics and all. obviously they love of montreal. thats not the question here. what bothers me is their complete disrespect for everyone else. screaming about how much they wanted to see of montreal during loney, dear is totally fucking lame. and then i kept on getting punched in the head by crazy "oh my god i wanna touch you" fans. it NEARLY ruined the experience for me. if i want to see a hardcore show and be in a mosh pit, i'll go to a hardcore show.

anyhows. i had a good time. bp handed me his set list at the end of the show and i had to turn around to someone who was grabbing it away from me and say "let fucking go" in a really stern voice. which was totally bitchy of me. but sorry. i dont fucking thing so. haha. anyways. afterwards i got a great hug from bp and he signed my jean jacket and i had about 100 things i wanted to say like "hey! i'm quixotic goat on the forum!" orrrrr.. "hey funeralpudding and i are working on a top secret project that you know about" and "hey i think you are the coolest and i love your wings!" but mostly i just froze and said "uhhhh.. umm.. hi.. uhh.. yea, i'm daniella. uhh.." which was my i-carried-a-watermelon moment of the month. ::sigh:: thats ok.

photos!! (i am going to work on an "best of" for that show. because looking through 400 photos is a little crazy)

videos!! (i have two others but my hand being steady quality is TERRIBLE. oh yea. or maybe i just got smacked on the head)
loney, dear:
bp (you saw this one):
oslo in the summer time (this is where you start jumping):

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