Friday, May 18, 2007

Our favorite Patrol Member this month is Patrock!

Patrock just performed "The Party's Crashing us" with of Montreal at their Karaoke show in Athens, Georgia. It also happened to be his birthday. Happy 18th, Patrock. And thanks for being so damn fabulous.

Here's a clip of his fantastic performance!

What were you planning a month ago for your eighteenth birthday?

I wanted to have a camping party with some close friends after going to a strip club. I think I DEFINITELY topped that AND I took care of the stripping part on my own.

How close were you to going Full Monty?

CLOSE! My only thought that stopped me was the fact that I may have gotten arrested, and I definitely did not want that now that I can face full adult charges.

Did it feel, for even a split second, that you were in of Montreal?

Yeah, it did. It was the perfect way to fulfill the dream I have every time I sing along with a song in the car, or sing into a comb while looking in the mirror.

How did you discover of Montreal?

I was in Borders 5 years ago and I would listen to every demo cd they had out usually. I listened to a bunch of albums (Acqueduct, The Sea and Cake) and one of the albums was "Aldhils Arboretum"! I fell in love with the songs "Kid Without Claws" and "Old People in The Cemetery". I went home and downloaded the ENTIRE discography and the rest is history. I have loved this band ever since and seen them a TON! In the past year ALONE I have seen them 5 times and I plan to attend Pitchfork Music Festival.

Any other good memories about the Athens karaoke show?

My other highlights of the night were seeing "Dancing Queen" covered, it was so fun to see live. Also, "More Than a Feeling" was so INTENSE, I was laughing so hard, and still shaking trying to recover from the shock of performing with my favorite band just minutes before.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The egg came first, I don't see how a chicken could possibly have come first. The real question is where did the egg come from? Space perhaps!

Here are some pictures I got of the night too!

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