Tuesday, July 17, 2007

...More on Matthew

TBP was pointed in the direction of an interview on Pitchfork where Kevin was quoted saying, "...this whole show was a bit of flying by the seat of our pants because we didn't have much time to rehearse and our bass player quit-- well, he quit/got fired-- a couple days before the show, and so we had to figure out what we were going to do without a bass player."

Confusion shortly ensued on the E6 Townhall thread and Matt has since posted this to the thread, "I was "fired" for the offence of quitting. The firing occurred after I told Kevin that Pitchfork would be my last show with the band. He said to just go ahead and go, I asked if he was sure and he said yes. There wasn't a lot of discussion. I had made the decision to leave the band weeks before and it was no surprise to anyone. I guess he didn't want anyone around who wasn't 100% committed. I made it clear that I really wouldn't have minded doing that last show to make the transition as smooth as possible considering the circumstances (there were a lot of very sudden, complicated circumstances). I really hope Kevin isn't trying to be publicly nasty. Davey is a wonderful guy and a gifted musician and if he wants and gets the gig I am happy for him. Hopefully no more needs to be said about this."

Everyone here at TBP is sad to hear of Matthew's departure from the band are are looking forward to more from him in the future. Take care, Matt!

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