Friday, August 31, 2007

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women in children first

i think it is very bad for an artist to have a desire to be liked. it is also bad for an artist to want to be disliked. although, from an audience members perspective, both have there potential upsides. for example, the average Barbara Streisand fan is not going to want to be verbally abused by Babs at a concert, but, a G.G.Allen fan would've been seriously disappointed if that legendary figure wouldn't have, at the very least, thrown a little of his own shit on to the crowd. But did G.G. throw his shit on to the crowd in an attempt to be liked or in an attempt to be disliked? Who knows? Not the shit, that's for sure. But performing and writing/recording are very different things. Most songwriters aren't going to allow themselves to present their personalities/public persona in an unflattering way. Most songwriters try to release their songs in an attempt to be noticed and to be loved, probably, and, since it is a big deal to release an album and a great opportunity for a writer to express the things they feel the need to express, it's not surprising that most writers rarely display a side of their personality that isn't somewhat likable or flattering. I think it's a shame because, most of us, can relate to that unflattering side of humanity. We can identify with, or at least are fascinated by, the socially damaging attributes inherent in all of us.

An example of a writer who faced these subjects head on is, Jean Genet. I am fascinated by his writings. His portrayal of the criminal and the profane is wonderful. The thing is, Genet was a criminal before discovering his calling as a writer and, if he would have never written anything down, or at least never have gotten published, he probably would have remained a criminal until his death and would have been forgotten forever. As it is, though, he is a celebrated writer and an inspiration for many other great writers, like W Burroughs, J Kerouac, M Foucault...What's my point again? Um...oh yeah, i think more pop songwriters should write about the regrettable aspects of the human mind. We shouldn't be afraid of looking ugly or terrifying. The funny thing is,in hip-hop at least, writers are already doing just that. But the difference is, they are portraying themselves in an ugly way unintentionally. They don't realize that bragging about how much money you make and how much pussy you get and how many people you have killed is not endearing. Maybe they do realize it and they just don't give a fuck. They want to brag cause it feels good to brag. It feels good to let the ego rage. I'm sure it does feel good. In fact, I can say from experience that it does feel good, because I am doing it myself on my new album. Ha.

Actually, that is what this rant is all about. I am exploring the dark and gloriously detestable sides of my consciousness. A lot of the people I've played the new songs for have been confused. I'm probably going to lose some fans but I don't care. I don't care because, I'm enjoying myself. I don't care because, I'm following the organic path of my muse, or whatever. Most of all I don't care because, the indie rock world is too polite and likable and I feel it needs the drunken uncle to show up, uninvited, to the birthday party and vomit on the couch. Not every year of course, but at least once in a while.

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  1. Wow. I like the way you look at things, Kevin. You shouldn't care if you might loose fans over your new material. It's what you want to put out and if your fans are true fans they'll understand that. I am one of those fans. Keep the great music going.