Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sesiones Live In Mexico City 11/11/06

Interesting to watch this now, knowing how full-blown the live shows would become on the Hissing Fauna tour. Don't watch this unless you've seen the incredible concert video of the Amsterdam 12/11/07 show over at Fabchannel first.

"Sessions" is/was broadcast Mondays in Mexico at 11:30PM and features a mix of American and Mexican alternative acts, and is hosted by Alejandro Franco. I downloaded this as a DVD from DimeADozen and spent some time converting it and uploading for Youtube. I was looking right now before posting for more info about Sesiones and was dumbfounded (because I had already googled them and looked through their videos and didn't see this) to see they had this video posted themselves at And amazingly, I don't think anybody else ever found it, either. It was posted four months ago at imeem, but as of this writing has only 12 views. I would have thrown in the towel and just embedded their video, but after watching them both, the sound quality on these is much better (192 kbps). And they're right here for your easy consumption, divided into tracks. But seriously, check out that Amsterdam video first if you haven't.



  2. yeah i saw those videos awhile ago! i was really surprised. those videos are so darn cute. of montreal is just so darn cute. and "the past is a grotesque animal" hits me everytime. if only every one of their concerts was recorded with such great quality.

  3. i wasn't please with this show, really, and this is shit television
    it took almost a year to be on aired!
    after Hissing Fauna was everywhere!
    but i guess this is the way, that in Mexico we can get a little bit of the music we like, istead of pop rubish latinamerica music. :/