Wednesday, March 19, 2008

blikk fang

blikk fang (the artist formerly known as ocelot fang) has two songs hanging around the internet: purevolume. for more info, read it up at chocolate bobka.

edit: totally bogus


  1. That's Just Becuz from MGMT's first EP, We (Don't) Care...

    The second is Where Eagles Dare... which is hosted right here on The Booty Patrol.

    Kevin and Andrew may not be sons of bitches, but whoever is trying to fool us certainly is.

    A goddamn son of a bitch.

  2. hey robot, the pitchfork did some research:

    "According to Barnes (via his publicist), he and VanWyngarden are indeed collaborating in a project called Blikk Fang. However, the title Aveh Tiger Roma is "completely bogus" and the songs on the PureVolume page "will definitely not be on it." The pair does have a few songs recorded, with such working titles as "Hypnotic Agents", "Dead Dogs", and "Pleasure Cunt" already cut to tape. But we shouldn't hold our breath, as Barnes says "it's unlikely that anything will get released before the winter of [20]08.""

  3. What a scam! I was so excited when I saw this title, but once I played the purevolume tracks, I immediately knew it was bogus. "Just Becuz" is a pretty cool song though... if you don't have the MGMT EP's, I highly recommend them.

  4. I saw that shortly after posting my comment, but hey.

    At least they looked into it.

  5. It's 2011 now, where is the goddamn rumored collaboration?