Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rothbury Festival Video

Big thanks to Townhaller user Illuminated, who captured the online streaming video of of Montreal's performance at the Rothbury Festival in Michigan on Jul4. Illuminated wrote:

"Alright, the stream of this show was crappy and out of sync but I captured it anyway (it should all be fine, I didn't play it through all the way to check though).

To fix the out of sync audio you have to play it in VLC and then do CTRL+K (pc) or CTRL+G (mac) until it says 300 ms.

And here's an MP3 of Tender Fax (which might belong in the Skeletal Lamping info thread but..):"

Kevin's (July 4) comment about "Du Og Meg": "I wrote that song when Bush was in power, and I called the United States the 'evil empire', but I think if Obama's elected everything's going to change. We're not going to be an 'evil empire' anymore, and that feels good."

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