Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NYC Roseland Ballroom Show 10/10 Available For Download

And from the looks and reviews of it, it was something else (including Kevin riding onstage on a white horse and an encore with Andrew from MGMT). It was the fourth stop of the tour for of Montreal, and last before a jaunt through Europe. Luckily, like he did last year, the dude at NYCTaper recorded the show.He has it on mp3 and flac, if for some reason his capacity maxes out again, Illuminated at the Townhall (big thanks!) was able to grab it and mirror the mp3 version for us:, but huge thanks to NYCTaper for recording and sharing it with us!

If you didn't hear about the new cover they did during the encore, (with Andrew from MGMT), here's some video:

You Aint No Picasso has an mp3 of that cover (as well as the whole huge of Montreal covers archive) as well a great review and pics of the show, as do Fluxblog and Stereogum. And thanks again to NYCTaper for the audio! Here's a few highlights besides that cover - a surprise return of "Wraith..." (and even more surprisingly, it's more faithful to the album version than the rocked-up live version they played last year), as well as one of our favorites from Skeletal Lamping, "Wicked Wisdom" and a great version of "Mingusings" with a live jam at the end we hope to see repeated and even built upon by the time they return to the US:

Did we say thank you to nyctaper? THANK YOU!!!!

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