Thursday, December 17, 2009

James Husband on Athens Soundies

Watch James Husband's new acoustic session on Athens Soundies. OK, maybe not a "session" but two songs that are still very nicely executed in what looks like (and sounds like) a post-industrial dump. Somehow Athens doesn't look like that when I close my eyes and try to picture it, but then I wouldn't know... The videos were shot by Jason Miller, who is also working (was working?) on the long-awaited of Montreal DVDs. He also shot the 24-hour Party Purple documentary.
Thanks to Dottie for the links - these gems had fallen under the Booty Patrol's radar. Be sure to click on the Athens Soundies link if you want a better video, or if you want to take a look at the other videos they shot - there are some good ones on this blog.

~~-~~ Kevin's best albums of the decade (part II)~~-~~

Everyone can understand how difficult it is to come up with a list and stick to it, so don't be too harsh on Kevin for the differences between the list that was published in Rolling Stone last week and the one that is featured in Ragged Word. Be sure to check it out because this one has annotations and you may learn a few disturbing things, like the fact that Blueberry Boat is "music to help potted house accountants in comas to grow." Who would have thought?

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