Thursday, June 17, 2010

old songs, new songs

With only 13 days left to start their False Priest pre-order campaign, Polyvinyl still managed to catch us off guard with a special The Past Is A Grotesque Animal release. The song has been remastered, and the b-side features the version you could hear in Spike Jonze's movie I'm Here. The good thing is that the artwork looks amazing, and the bad news is that it's already sold out. How did that happen, I've no idea, but apparently I was the only one who wasn't excited about the unexpected release of a three-year-old song, no matter how fantastically epic the song is. Congratulations to all 500 of you who got it straight away, when the rest of us will have to wait for it to show up on ebay.
Talking about three-year-old songs, oM fan and director Daniel Arthur contacted me with his pretty cool video for "We Were Born The Mutants Again With Leafling." Watch it here, and make sure you watch the whole thing because there's an amazing twist towards the end.

of Montreal - We Were Born The Mutants Again With Leafling from Daniel Arthur on Vimeo.

In recent news, and in case you're still not used to The Booty Patrol's amazing facebook and twitter features, you may have missed out on a few pictures, articles and interviews... First, there was You Ain't No Picasso's photo coverage of the False Priest recording sessions in Los Angeles. It actually looks like Jon and Kevin weren't doing much apart from sitting around drinking coffee and playing bass, but I'm sure that's what you do when you're just waiting for the magic to happen. Keep up the hard work, guys.
Secondly, Spin posted a great interview with Kevin last week. It is actually much better than the one Pitchfork posted today, but both give you a rather clear indication of what False Priest will sound like, and what the touring plans are, and a lot of other information that I found exciting when I first read them but can't quite remember what they were now. Uh-oh.
Thirdly, a few dates have been added for the summer. The whole band is playing two festivals and a venue, and Kevin is headlining the Lake Worth It Festival on August 7th. And when I say Kevin is headlining, I mean him, on his own, as a solo act. This hasn't happened in quite some time (SXSW '08?), so it should pretty interesting to see how he pulls it off, and whether his twitvid covers are not-so-secret rehearsals.

That's all for now, folks. Here's to wishing The Booty Patrol's next post is some legit False Priest information and a little less rambling.

~~~~ EDIT (later that day) ~~~~

According to Pitchfork, Major Organ and the Adding Machine, a movie featuring just about everyone who has had anything to do with the Elephant 6 collective, will be released on Orange Twins on September 14th. Almost ten years after it was shot. Here's a little teaser.

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