Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kevin solo show at Respectable Street (#2)

The Booty Patrol doesn't post about every single show (otherwise I'd call this my full time job, and I would be desperately looking for interns), but there are times when you can see a little magic cloud forming over a particular date, and that's exactly what happened after Kevin's solo set was rescheduled and moved to Respectable Street. Not that a solo show as the headlining act of some local outdoor festival sounded bad, but the move to a much more intimate setting definitely helped raise our expectations. Fortunately, the Booty Patrol has full-time correspondents in Florida (though they're more like ultra mobile correspondents), and they came back with beautiful pictures (thanks Gaelen!) and videos (thanks Michael!) to share, and lots of memories to cherish (they could share them with you too, if they were not so busy with things like life and a real job).

Click on the picture to see more of these :

Here's a review of the show and videos (including the shiver-inducing 10 minutes 42 seconds of The Past Is A Grotesque Animal) :

It is rumored that the whole show was filmed by a some bald dude who goes by the name of Gingerman, and that it will be posted somewhere at some point... I'll keep you posted, of course... I mean, look at this setlist!

Also, The Booty Patrol would like to send very warm get-well wishes to one of our Florida friends and correspondent who got in a car crash last week and had to miss out on the show. Hope you make the quickest recovery in the world, Julie.


  1. Can anyone tell what he's saying at the end of Hydra Fancies? Did he just play the 10 seconds of it, or is there a full version too?

  2. Not sure what he said exactly, but that's all he played from that song, and Michael G, who shot the videos, told me that there was something wrong with the mic, and that's what caused the move back to the guitar.