Sunday, January 16, 2011

Florida tour wrap-up

After a snowy start that forced the band to reschedule their Mobile, Al show, the traditional Florida leg of the winter tour seemed to have gone great. (That's what you guys told me, anyway.) We could have thought they would introduce a lot of new material, what with thecontrollersphere EP coming out in a few months, and rumors that the next album is already under way, but only one new song was performed. It is tentatively titled Slave Translator. Watch the video below to hear what it sounds like... I'm not sure this is the whole song**, as people seem to remember it as a longer song, or rather a piecing together of two or three different songs, Coquelicot-style. Or Skeletal Lamping-style. It actually kind of ends like And I've Seen A Bloody Shadow, only more extreme.

** sk8rrjon842, who apparently was the only person in Florida with enough sense to record the new song, tells us that it is the full song minus the opening 4 seconds or so. Thanks for sharing!

They also added a new Prince cover to the collection - Sex Shooter. Be sure to visit Matt's collection of of Montreal covers over at You Ain't No Picasso, though it hasn't been updated in a year. You'll still find 88 covers the band has performed over the years, so if you haven't done so already, you might want to download all of this.

Two interviews surfaced during this tour too : The Broward Palm Beach New Times had the good idea to ask David about his involvement with the band and the meaning of False Priest. Creative Loafing interviewed Kevin. All the usual questions were asked, but there were also a few that were not the obvious ones, so it is still a pretty interesting read. There's also a tiny bit about what the future holds, and figuring out what's next is definitely what has us scratching our heads right now, right? Don't expect any clear answer there, Kevin is rather cryptic.