Thursday, June 30, 2011

L'Age d'Or

The ubiquitous Pitchfork debuted the new of Montreal video today. They couldn't help but be Pitchforkian and state that it was NSFW, when (a) unless your job consists in reviewing records or writing about pop culture, any music video is NSFW (I mean, seriously, if your boss is okay with you checking pitchfork and wasting your time watching videos, I want your job) and (b) catching a glimpse of some woman's bosom is not that outrageous in the 21st century. Anyway, if you've been following Nina on Twitter, you already knew that a video had been shot and that she was editing it, and you probably were eager to find out which song would get the special treatment. Somehow I remember being pretty sure it'd be a third single (gosh, there is no such thing as a single in the indie world these days, is there?) from False Priest and I was rooting for Godly Intersex, but as it turns out it is L'Age d'Or from thecontrollersphere. On the up side, it sure is the catchiest, most radio-friendly song on the EP, but on the down side, it probably is the least interesting one too. The video doesn't offer much in terms of narrative, but the overall atmosphere and work on the colors really fits the song and makes it worth your time. Make up your own mind :

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