Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joyful Recordings boxed set commercial

This is guaranteed to be the most soothing two minutes of your day. Watch Kevin (and Trophy) discover the Joyful Recordings cassette boxed set. I get some kind of late night commercial feel from it, like watching TV in your lonely hotel room when you're jetlagged and everything is blurry. Only this time there's something truly appealing about the product they're selling (though the Orange cleaner and the shogun knives are definitely more useful)

The tapes now go for $99, $10 off with the promo code "iwhipmyhairbackandforth", this week only! Now who feels like an idiot for not pre-ordering their set when they were much cheaper?


  1. Hmmm, "Beck says invest in gold"? Maybe this is a possibility for you, but I suspect that many of your fans are trying to scrape up enough cash to keep a roof over their heads. Please don't lose touch with us. One of the best things about oM and your writing is that you've managed to remain real and relevant. So many musicians fail to do just that.

    P.S. If we can't afford the box set, please don't take it personally. We love you, too.

  2. Come on, the Glenn Beck reference was obviously a joke, as fans we all know oM's political views are as far away from this guy's as can be... And I think it's pretty fair to say that even if their financial situation has dramatically improved over the past few years, they're not what we would call "rich." (I hope they at least qualify for well-off). I know of fans that make a lot more money than these guys.
    But you're right, the boxed set is expensive, and yes, I wonder how many of us can spare $100 to get it these days.